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Our goal is to help businesses and professionals establish their critical path to success. When you are on your critical path, you feel it and you know it. It’s your calling path. This does not mean the easy path. It will take work. But it is your optimal path.



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Joe Ferrer


Socrate has been a tremendous coach to work with.  His energy and attention to detail have helped my various businesses.  I have more clarity on cash flow and what it takes to drive profits.  We have worked together to flush out ideas from concept to creation and we flush out all the things that may not be completely beneficial.  Even in negotiating other subcontractors Socrate has been there by my side to make sure that I am paying a fair and reasonable wage for various services that I need.  I would recommend him because he is honest, fair and really good at understanding business.  As my enterprise grows he will be there by my side.


Joe Ferrer

Mailbox Money Founder & Creator.

Susan Here

What an excellent read! So much material and so well organize, you can effectively move towards change quickly. The duo provides thought-provoking reasons for developing your passion and outlines for creating business stability, then turning that energy into a joyful way of seeing your work come alive.

Sally Bendersky

This is a very easy to read book with a vivid example from the authors’ experience and others’, of the power of combining passion and talents to build the business you want. I myself have written about my concept of strength which is exactly equivalent to the authors’ concept of hedgehog. I felt a deep connection and strengthened my faith in creating a large community of like-minded entrepreneurs for a better world.

Ursula Nieuwoudt

The title at first intrigued me. Hedgehog? What does that have to do with my passion? (Found out it comes from a strategy toward unlocking your potential, by looking at the question: are you a fox or a hedgehog?)

Socrate has an impressive track record, and this is evidenced in his teachings. He worked hard, did not wait for opportunities but recognized and utilized all chances, and also created his own. Finding the right mentor at the right time had a great impact on his growth.

I found this a great book, both for personal and business growth. Socrate and Cassandra speak about the 4 key stakeholders when measuring success, how to measure profitability, how to prioritize (urgent vs important), how to reassess and re-evaluate, creating synergy and much more.

Njeri G.

This book is one of those easy reads that gets you to ponder your current condition and helps to guide you to realizing your true desire and what you want in life. Socrate and Cassandra are a force, and their genuine caring shines through in this book. I have heard them speak in numerous venues and I have seen the excitement and inspiring affect they have on their audiences. Check out this book and get on the path you were meant to be on! When you do, life truly changes and you start to really be alive. Easy read and life-changing!

Stuart D.

Find Your Hedgehog is an excellent and succinct read that contains practical information. It highlights the journey that one goes through to build a profitable business while pursuing their passion. As someone who is pursuing their passion while building a real estate business, this book has served as a guide on what to be mindful of as you are  building a business. The book highlights the losses and wins you face as you build a business, while maintaining your vision. Its not just educational theory but Socrate and Cassandra highlight how they were able to utilize their higher learning  education, corporate world experience, relationships, and even books that they read that influenced them  to build a successful business. The book contains valuable information for those who are ready to take that leap of faith and pursue their purpose while fulfilling their financial goals. 

Alberto Somoano

Launching a start up company. Was able to utilize some key points to help me work smarter not harder. After 29 years in law enforcement middle management was able to identify with day to day operations as noted in his book. For example, assigning the right people to the right task, being involved in all aspect of the operation and being able to guide and develop employees and team members to their maximum potential in all aspects of their lives. The knowledge shared in this book can be beneficial to anyone from different walks of life. I strongly recommend this book.

Wills Compere

I met Cassandra when I was a junior at Barry University when she came to one of my Haitian group meetings – HICA. I remember the experience that she was talking about her travels to Haiti with a group along with her multiple businesses. I’m glad that she reached out to me to read her and her husband’s book. I loved the book and proud of Cassandra and Socrate in teaching us to discover our passions and continue to work on our craft while creating a legacy.

Fiona Louise

It is interesting to read a book built on the same philosophy that I have – that as we spend a decent chunk of our time working, we better enjoy what we do, and that enjoyment, that passion turns work into play and then success. This book provides practical ways to identify your passion, your ‘why’ you do what you do, and provides some really great insights and tasks that will help you focus on your values, and how to make your passion profitable.

Ricardo Rosario

Amazing book! Finding your hedgehog is about challenging yourself to pursue your true calling! A calling that you are truly passionate about, one that feeds your economic engine, and one that you can be best in the world at. It’s a three part formula! I’m buying a few more copies this week to give to my coworkers. Well done Socrate & Cassandra; please keep leading by faith and example!

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