Project Management

Take your business to the next level and manage projects more effectively and efficiently. 

Why Is Project Management Important and What value Are You Offering?

By the end of Critical Path’s training, you should be able to:

List and define the core functions of a Project Manager

Describe the mains phases of the project life cycle

Given a project scenario, develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Understand how to use the estimated time formula, your understanding of task relationship, and the WBS approach to calculate the estimated time to complete a project

Describe the triple constraints that affect project success

List and define the stages of team develop and what the project manager can do during each stage to ensure project success

Create a project timeline in MS Project or Excel

List 10-15 factors that lead to a project’s success

Utilize Critical Path’s project management templates to complete a project plan:

  1. Project Requirement/Definition worksheet
  2. Project Responsibility Matrix
  3. Risk Management
  4. Gantt Chart
  5. Lesson learned

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