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Business Strategy Development

Our experienced team has been developing successful business strategies for decades for large corporations and smaller businesses.

As part of the Business Strategy Development Program, the Critical Path team will assist in the setting or re-setting your business’ vision and mission

Leadership Consulting/ Coaching / Speaker

Your leadership competency will, without doubt, determine how well you will recruit and who will follow you. Ultimately, your leadership lid will determine how effective you will be a leader. Our Mission is to create a clear path to success for our clients.

Project Management

By the end of Critical Path’s Project Management training, you should be able to list and define the core functions of a Project Manager, Describe the triple constraints that affect project success, Describe the mains phases of the project life cycle

Team Development

Creating a winning culture within a business unit or company should at the top of a leaders’ list of priorities. Too often, we forget that culture is an organization’s glue. When this occurs, people are less important than processes and systems.

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